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After the Storm: A Few Thoughts on Windstorm, Catastrophe, or Hurricane Planning

Don’t return until authorities have said it’s safe to do so.Don’t enter your home if you smell gas, if floodwaters remain, or if your home was damaged by fire and authorities have not said it’s safe to enter.

Windstorm Insurance: Ask Your Realtor–BEFORE You Buy

Windstorm Insurance. Do you need it? Here are a few questions to ask your real estate professional before you purchase a home or building along the Texas Gulf Coast:

Hurricane Ike, Windstorm Inspections, and Texas Designated Catastrophe Areas

Inspection and/or certification by the Lineberger & Associates will enable a structure to be eligible for windstorm insurability through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

Lineberger Appointed to Perform TDI Windstorm Inspections

Jeff Lineberger, P. E. has been approved by the TDI to perform Windstorm Inspections in high wind areas with the State of Texas.

TDI & Windstorm Inspections

Lineberger elects to apply for certification as a TDI Windstorm Inspector.  Once approved,  Lineberger will conduct TDI Windstorm  inspections along the Texas Gilf coast, including those areas affected by the recent hurricanes & associated wind damage.

Lineberger & Associates–ICC Certified

Lineberger & Associates get certified with the International Code Council.  Certifications are as follows:  Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Building Inspector.  Residential combination inspector.