Forensic Engineering – Victoria, Texas

Lineberger Consulting Engineers  specializes in determining the origin and cause of structural engineering failure disputes under a variety of conditions.
A  forensic structural engineer determines the origin and cause of structural failure, defects, or under-performance.  Often, a forensic engineer communicates failure causation findings by providing an expert opinion.
Forensic engineering was recognized as a distinct speciality within the wider field of structural engineering by the American Society of Civil Engineers following a number of significant structural failures in the U.S. in the 1970’s and 80’s.  The forensic engineer focuses on actual physical evidence found at the scene, verifiable facts, and well-proven scientific principles to establish the cause/s of failure – a process quite different from that of conventional engineering design.  The forensic process ensures that the cause/s of failure are identified correctly, thus reducing the likelihood of repeat failures, inappropriate rehabilitation strategies, and/or skewed dispute outcomes.
Lineberger  combines the highest levels of engineering experience and skill with a refined process of evidence collection, failure hypotheses development, and hypothesis testing. The result: Causation profiles based upon science pinpoint the origin and cause of structural failure. An objective, reliable, and repeatable forensic engineering process clarifies fact based expert opinions and assures investigation resilience under the scrutiny and rigor of the Texas Legal system.