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Structural Engineer Inspection-San Antonio: Under 2500 sf

ASCE Level A Investigation.  Evaluates residential foundation using the Texas ASCE guideline. Engineer will collect data, compare data against the standard, and report any differences.

Finding Structural Problems During Escrow: Not a Deal Killer

When buying and selling homes, the property purchase is often subject to a satisfactory home inspection being done. Now and then, a home inspection uncovers severe structural problems. Here’s an example of a situation in an upscale neighborhood.

Buying Distressed Properties: Structural Inspections Mandatory

If you’re in the market for buying a house, buying a distressed property might be an avenue to look into.

But when buying a distressed home, make sure you know what’s involved, how the process works and the challenges you may face. Otherwise, you might become more distressed than the actual house.