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ASCE Foundation Evaluations – Structural Inspections

…the combined skills of a civil engineer, a structural engineer, and various civil engineering sub-specialties such as geotechnical engineering, earth science, coastal engineering, surveying, and construction engineering. The one-dimensional practice of structural engineering may not be adequate to satisfy the education, training, and experience requirements to complete a level A, B, or C foundation evaluations, inspections, or assessments…

ENGINEERS’ CONDUCT & ETHICS SERIES: Part 1-Protecting the Public

ENGINEERS’ CONDUCT & ETHICS SERIES Whether it’s San Antonio, Austin, or any Texas city or county, the de facto last line of defense for preventing engineering system failure is the professional engineer. When a local city building department needs help […]

Structural Engineers and Your Home

Structural engineering is a complex process that is vital to the construction of any residential dwelling. The knowledge base of the structural engineer aids in the calculation the values and measurements of the construction materials, their placement within the structure, and the types of materials selected for the project.

Residential and Commercial Building Inspections

Lineberger & Associates performs TDI Windstorm Inspections, Insurance Inspections, forensic inspections and TRCC Inspections statewide. Please feel free to download our inspection brochure for more information: [download id=”12″].

Uncharted Territory: Why Foreclosure Inspections Matter

Thinking about purchasing a foreclosure property? Think again…